Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cleaning the Barn

The problem with our barn is dust. . . . and it wouldn't be a problem except that I'm allergic to it. Especially hay dust. I can only get so far in cleaning and then I have to stop for a day or two. And that's with wearing dust masks. It stinks big time!

I started cleaning the barn over this past weekend, when my sweetie was in. He helped a bunch. We cleaned out the sheep stall then put up more boards in the tire loft. He even nailed them down for me and then got after me for being up there without them being nailed down. I swept the cob webs from the pig stall and sheep stall. I still did not get everything done but being able to breath won over not breathing.

This morning I tried to work on the bunny stall. . . . I got the floor cleaned up. 2 wheel barrels of uneaten hay and droppings. But again I had to stop because of the dust.   :(  
My dad bought a shop vac for me to try out. Maybe I'll get to it this afternoon. . . .

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