Works in Progress / Log

Week of July 25th - 31st

I finished the 2 mermaid tale blankets that have been cut out forever!

I'm going to add a little embroidery and top stitch the edges but other then that they're all done :)

I also got the last 5 tunics sewn for the Mason job! I just need to iron them and add snaps!!

Started and finished a baby sweater/tunic for baby #3

I also started making a matching elf hat with the same yarns

Started embroidering on the baby bibs I had already cut out

I got 4 out of the 14 embroidered and the edges surged!

Dakota's finished rainbow hat with crocodile stitch border, 
now that I've figured out how to do the crocodile stitch in reverse I have several ideas!!

Oh! I did work on the super secret project but its not finished yet so I cannot include pics yet

Week of July 18th - 24th

Vacation!!!! Though I did get some stuff done for baby #3

Green/Grey hat made with this pattern:

Boots to match the green/grey hat made with this pattern:

Another stripey hat made a little larger and elf shoes made with this pattern:

I started an even larger stripey hat for Dakota with a modified crocodile stitch brim

Week of July 11th - 17th

Uh oh, sorry time and energy were spent on cleaning and getting ready for vacation.

Though the 15th we left for Vacation at Myrtle Beach 

Week of July 4th - 10th

Uh oh, sorry I got lost and forgot to update

Week of June 27 - July 3rd   2016

Finished Greg's key hole Wolf Tunic!!!!

Its finished and mailed out, yay!!!

Getting Ready for Baby Pickle

We've picked a name, but we're not sharing yet
Ordered a carseat, stroller, and our first batch of cloth diapers

These are Alva pocket diapers;
1 skull, 1 Jack Skellington, 2 Harry Potter, 2 sea critters, and 1 bicycles
We'll be getting more in different brands. The goal is to start small just in case cloth isn't for us. We can always order more of our favorites latter. 

Picked up and loaded another 73 bales of Hay into the barn

Picked up a load of cinder block and delivered it for my brother in law

Week of June 20 - 26th   2016

Greg's key hole Wolf Tunic
I worked some on this, didn't finish it but got most of the tunic sewn.

Getting Ready for Baby Pickle

Found out we're having a baby boy! That means I knew what I was having with all 3 of my pregnancies, which is kinda crazy. 
I ended up having 2 ultrasounds this week which kind of blows my productivity for that day. 
Finished stitching a line of dark teal blue around the edges of a lightweight gauze blanket

Picked up and loaded 98 bales of Hay into the barn

Doug's Bday Party

cleaned and pitted 1 gallon of tart pie cherries

made 3 cherry pies

made a smores icebox cake

And made a banana split icebox cake
All of the deserts were a big hit and I only had a half cherry pie left.

Made a trip out to Oren
We managed to get most everything that was left and take it to the storage unit.
I just have 2 2x4 garment racks and a coat rack left.

Week of June 13 - 19th   2016

Mason Job

(I've only worked on the last 5 tunics)
15 tunics
15 hats
1 captains coat
1 captains hat
3 cloaks

Lee's Cyclas
(Just needs the grommets and a hood)

Custom embroidery

Getting better at finishing neck slits

Backing the embroidery

Greg's key hole Wolf Tunic

Wolf embroidery (done but needs made into a sash)
I gave the client 2 colorway options,
he chose the grey/black wolves

Shop for more fabric
Keyhole neckline
Green trim

Getting ready for Celtic Fest
Transporting stuff to the booth
Rust dyed cloak,
unfortunately did not rust well even after 2 days in the vinegar/water bath

Eco dyed cloak,
Turned out a little better,
There are some leaf prints.

Acid dyed 2 cloaks

Computer stuff
Downloading pictures
Updating devices
Creating new listings

Fairy godmother / Wedding dress

Just adding grommets to a wedding dress I picked up at the thrift store
I think this will work quite well for a photo prop and the staining can be easily taken out with minimal Photoshoping

Getting Ready for Baby Pickle
Hand stitched a rolled edge
onto one of the gauze baby blankets
Started adding dark teal blue
Embroidery to the edges of the same blanket
Bought a few more pieces of clothing

Another Wolf Tunic

Almost done, just needs trim around the sleeves and hemed.