Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 new Sheep and 2 Llamas

Sorry I've been a bad blogger!! Its been a little crazy with life and the new sheep. 

Well, their new to us, and their just temporary. Some friends of mine are having troubles with the place they currently live. I'm not going to go into details except to say they're moving and had no place for their animals. Thats where our pasture comes in. We don't use it in the winter, so why not? They put up better fencing and are building a temporary hoop barn. The fencing will stay but the hoop barn will probably go. We don't really need another barn. However having another pasture where we're able to put sheep or horses would be nice. 

The first wave of critters has made it to us already. 30 sheep and 2 Llamas. There are a few more sheep, some goats and 50 or so rabbits. I'm not sure how many of the rabbits we can take. In the stall there are 2 large empty cages and there is room for 3 more. I'm currently putting them together and will post details later this week. We'll probably put any does with litters in the stall and the rest we'll just have to find a place for. 

There is a corner of the barn that I've been considering. The problem; currently it houses a ton of tires. There is room above it for a loft but we would have to finish building it and reinforce it. Then there's the problem of getting the tires up there. I've already gotten what I could but there's still a lot of tires left. Maybe a pulley system? 

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