Monday, February 27, 2017

Try, Try Again . . .

Hey, me again. Its Spring so I must be getting the urge to share again. I'm going to just jump right in, I've had successes and failures. I'm taking a slight step back and regrouping as far as shows I'm vending goes. I'm not giving up. I repeat, I AM NOT GIVING UP!

I'm currently planning on uploading/editing on Mondays (ish). Because of the amount of housework and kids activities on Mondays I really have a hard time pulling out all of my supplies, getting started on a project and then cleaning everything up before I need to leave.

The rest of the week is a little up in the air at this point so we'll move onto Wips this last week.

This is a test piece for a Mermaid Captains coat

The first piece of embroidery on the mermaid coat. This is the center back. Unfortunately this wont work as the fabric is rubberized on one side and gums up the machine. I cannot risk the machine so I will have to use another fabric. Thankfully I have a very similar color in a similar weight with no rubber coating. I love the colors though. 

Here is another piece for the Mason Job. Almost done with the first part. I keep thinking I'm done but inevitably I'm not. However this was an addition not in the original order.

Another Captain's Coat. This one is in brown corduroy and a blue/tan paisley woven fabric
Viking "bread". I'll add the recipe after I've tweaked it some. 
I finished hemming and delivered this dark green cloak. This one was a pain. I started with 15 yards of fabric and dyed it all at the same time. It was beautiful!

Here it is draining the excess dye and water away. I hung a second tension rod up in the back of our shower, just for hanging things to drip dry. Unfortunately most of the darker color rinsed out!!

 This is after the second attempt and after the rinse out.
This section has a bit of a blue tinge to it.

 Third attempt
 Third attempt before the rinse
 Third attempt still damp
 Third attempt after the rise out
 Third go after rinsing and heat setting

 Forth attempt, getting closer. After the rinse out
Forth go round, still has some lighter sections

For the Fifth go I went ahead and cut the cloak out and then dyed it again along with using a color magnet in certain areas to increases the intensity of the dye for a cool patterned affect.

The final result is a nice deep green with an almost bark like pattern.

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